We provide professional training geared toward "business growth".  Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, we can help.

Power Up I (The Business Training 101 Module)
* Building your Tribe & your Market 
 * Utiliz ng the SsWs Principle for Success
 * Understanding the Social Networks & How to use Them
 * Marketing Basics - Easy plans to implement
 * Creating Multiple Income Streams
Power Up I02 (The Intermediate Training Module)
  * Developing Your Brand - Make your Statement
 * Time Management - Identify & Eliminate Time Stealers
 * Management Styles - How to Make Yours Work Effectively
 * Motivate & Develop Your Team & How to get B2B Supporters
 * The A, B, C's of Hosting & Sponsoring Events 
Power Up I03 (The Advanced Module)
* Create Your Business Plan
* Incorporate Now - Determine Your path and we walk you through
   the process - Leave with your paperwork in hand!!!
Financial Options - Learn about Crowd Funding, Grants, Loans, where    they are and how to apply
* Partnering & Lead Generation
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Personally autograph to:
When "Advancing" to the next level; Failure is not an Option"; 101 Ways to keep going when the going gets stuff.  This book will help you keep focused.